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"Hi Wendy

Thank you for your thoughtful little snippets. They are real nuggets of wisdom.  I have a rather hum drum office job and get your emails sent to me at the work. Your emails are usually the ones I open first up so I can start my day on a positive note.

 I bought and read the Janet Street Porter book, but really enjoyed your succinct summary of key sections.  You have a talent for shifting out the less important things and distilling the key messages, so they make a real impact on the mind and imagination.

Thanks for sharing your uplifting and positive thoughts.  I really appreciate it."

Best wishes


"Hi, I just wanted to say what a great site you have. A short while ago I fancied an apple and as I was enjoying it I thought what a total waste it is to throw the core away. I remember reading about apple pip, apricot kernels etc being very good sources of B17 along with the potential positive effects it can have on us. I thought I would do a quick google on the health benefits of apple pips and came across you wonderful site.

Many thanks!"


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